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Sport is a metaphor for life, and it is said that an hour of sports is as enriching as years of education. MADINA stands for holistic education which includes a fine blend of physical and intellectual pursuits. In addition to conventional sports like basketball, football, cricket, tennis, and badminton.

The campus provides facilities for tennis, basketball, a 200m 8-lane outdoor track

Coaches/trainers are available for all the activities at Madina. All our coaches are highly qualified and are proficient players and athletes themselves.

Students’ Achievements
Students of Madina have won laurels at various Inter-school (city), sporting events, for various sports.

Education being the all-round development of the innate talents of a child, we gives many opportunities as possible to every student to participate in a variety of co-curricular and extra - curricular activities. It will also teach him/her the values of cooperation and sportsmanship, making him/her a more disciplined individual.

To achieve these aims we have provided facilities for indoor and outdoor games, athletics, and literary and cultural activities.

Outdoor Games
Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, etc.,
Indoor Games
Table Tennis, Chess, Carroms, etc.,
It includes Runs, Jumps and Throws.

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