Madina Public School

Madina Public School has been established solely with a purpose to impart quality education of Deen and Duniya to the Muslim community. Way back in 1979 as they had little access to value-based education due to the critical shortage of teaching resources. Mr. K.M. Arifuddin had taken keen interest in nurturing this institution which offered education par excellence. Mr. K.M. Arifuddin with a vision of elevating the community children to be educated with the aim of achieving great heights. He felt the need for a good foundation which became a key for the success of upcoming generations who have unleashed their wings all over the globe in various lucrative positions viz., Engineering, Medicine, technocrats, human resources, journalism, Air force, merchant navy, advocates & Judges.

On account of its highest achievements, integrated Islamic and secular education that helped students develop their talents and capabilities to their full potentials taking into account the social, cultural & economic needs of the Muslim community and a nation as a whole, the school earned a great reputation and has become increasingly popular across the city.

When started in the year 1982 the dream & vision of Madina Educational & Welfare Society extended to provide quality education for the all round personality development aimed at providing literary, scientific, cultural and social artistic talent of the youth.

The school offers a holistic, progressive creative system of education that blends a sense of responsibility & caters to the all round development of the individual.

The school believes in promoting social awareness, duty consciousness & teamwork, which forms an integral part of education as our children are living in an age which is witnessing the sweeping changes in all fields of life.

So it’s the need of the hour to provide & support, sustenance and encouragement to blossom & involve in the true sense of the term.

Our alumni are the mirror of our institution. Numerous students have blossomed at MPS and are leaving an imprint in life.

May Allah guide us to serve the current & future generations of youth in India & the world. We are determined to be successful in all walks of life with vigour and enthusiasm in the days to come and for this we instill confidence, provide motivation and help our students to imbibe a strong zeal to excel.

- Madina Public School

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